Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport Management, Haulage and Passenger

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8 Weeks

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The Certificate of Professional Competence in Road transport Operations Management (TM CPC) fulfils the criteria outlined in, EU regulation (EC) 1072/2009 and SI 265/2018 European Union Occupation of Road Transport Operators regulations as well as subsequent regulations including (EU) 2020/1055.

These regulations are designed to ensure conformity in relation to standard operating criteria, for all transport operators throughout the EU. To achieve this aim, those who wish to act as a Transport Manager for or on behalf of a transport undertaking within the EU, or those that wish to set up their own transport undertaking within the Haulage or Passenger industry, must attend a certified training course, and upon completion, sit and attain a pass mark in the state examination, which is run on behalf of the Department of Transport (Ire) by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Ire). (Currently there are 2 CILT examination dates per year, June, and December. This may subject to change by CILT)

ISM is an approved training provider of this course and are registered as such with the Department of Transport in Ireland and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Ire).

The aim of the training course is to develop the skills of those who wish to function as a registered Transport Manager or to upskill those who aim to become owner operators within the Road Haulage or Road Passenger industries within Ireland or the EU.

The ISM Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport Management course is currently delivered over a period of 8 weeks, via a blended learning format. This means that those who are studying with ISM can avail of Live Online classes via Zoom either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30PM to 9.30PM and One Day Per Week in a face-to-face classroom setting. (Currently Saturday 9.00AM to 4.00PM) in our CILT approved ISM Training Centre (Tallaght) in Broomhill Business Complex, Dublin 24. The CILT regulations state that ALL delegates must have access to at least 100hrs tutor led training and suggest an additional 100hrs self-study prior to sitting the examinations.

All online and classroom sessions are streamed live and recorded, allowing delegates to review the classes at any time from their desktops, laptops, or mobile phones. There is also an online class platform where past papers, assessments and assignments are uploaded and assessed/marked by our industry leading tutors. This allows our delegates to map their own progress but also allows our tutors to identify areas for improvement and give additional help and direction to those that require it.

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed to fulfil the EU regulations for Professional Competence for those who are aiming to either run their own road transport operations or to function as company transport managers for existing businesses in Road Haulage or Road Passenger operations. Therefore, delegates who are seeking to attend training should be aware that the course is an intensive and comprehensive one, and focuses on nine principal areas:

  1. Introduction to Road Haulage and Road Passenger transport operations, setting up a business.
  2. Access to the Road Transport Market (Haulage and Passenger)
  3. Road Transport Operations Management (Haulage and Passenger)
  4. Vehicle Licencing regulations (Haulage and Passenger)
  5. Financial Accounting regulations
  6. Vehicle Technical specification regulations (Haulage and Passenger)
  7. Civil, Commercial and Social law and legal regulations
  8. International Transport agreements and licences (Haulage and Passenger)
  9. Vehicle Road Safety, Tachograph Regulations, Working Time Directive, vehicle Maintenance, Inspections, CVORI and
    other regulations (Haulage and Passenger).

There are no previous formal educational requirements to attend the course however delegates should have a desire to upskill and develop their competencies in all the above areas and should have an understanding of some or all the above. Delegates should also have an excellent command of English (the course will have a heavy theory-based content) as well as basic computer skills (the ability to upload assignments) and good mathematical ability (The financial and accounting course element can be challenging).

To Learn More about the qualification, examination and live online training in Certificate of Professional Competence in Road transport Operations Management (TM CPC), please read our CPC Transport Manager Frequently Asked Questions. If you wish to Talk to our Course Trainers, please book a free appointment to talk to us.

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Course Programme

  1. Introduction to Haulage & Passenger Transport Operations
  2. Setting up Road Transport Business
  3. Access to the Road Transport Market
  4. Transport Operations Management
  5. Financial Management
  6. Technical Standards
  7. Civil, Commercial & Social Legislation
  8. Conventions and Documentation
  9. Route Planning and Road Safety
  10. Written examination by CILT

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CPC Transport Manager FAQs

What is the final examination format?

Upon completion of the course (100 hrs tuition) and registration with CILT(Ire), delegates will then be entitled to sit the examination. The examination is an “Open Book” format, which means you bring the course manual with you to the examination and use this to answer the questions. There are two examinations Haulage and Passenger Operations, and delegates must choose which one they will sit on the day. There are two parts to the examination on the day, paper one in the morning and paper two is held in the afternoon. Each examination paper is 2.5hrs in duration so a total of 5hrs over the entire day. Delegates must achieve 60% in each paper to receive an overall pass mark.

What Certification will I receive if I pass the examination?

Delegates who successfully pass the examination will receive an International Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport Management (Haulage or Passenger) which is issued on behalf of the Department of Transport (Ire) by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Ire). This certificate is recognised throughout the EU as evidence of the holder’s professional competence to function as a Road Transport Manager. It is a much sought-after qualification and is highly respected within the Haulage and Passenger industry.

I have never attended an online training session, what do I need to have to complete the course?

The ISM Transport Managers CPC course is delivered online using the Zoom platform. This is free to download and all you will require to access the course are the log in details sent to you by ISM. You will need access to either a laptop or desk-top computer with web-cam facilities, with a stable internet connection. The use of handheld devices and mobile phones prove to be difficult when uploading content and assignments. Therefore, we would urge our delegates to use a desk-top or lap top computer while studying on the course.

I want to work as a Transport Manager in both Haulage and Passenger operations, will one certificate cover me for this?

No. You must have a TM CPC qualification in Road Haulage operations and a separate TM CPC qualification in Road Passenger operations to function as a Transport Manager in Haulage and Passenger operations. This means that you must sit and pass both the Haulage and Passenger operations examinations on separate dates. If you choose to work only within Haulage or within Passenger operations, then one certificate will suffice.

Is the Certificate recognised as higher level education?

No. The Certificate program is not registered on the QQI/NFQ framework of qualifications but is considered a professional certificate within the Transport and Logistics industry across the EU member states.

I have a TM CPC qualification issued within the UK/NI. Does this certificate allow me to function as a Transport Manager within Ireland and the EU?

No. In the aftermath of Brexit, the EU has defined the UK / NI as third country status and because of this, certificates issued within those jurisdictions are no longer recognised as complying with EU legislation. Holders of these certificates must attend a recognised and approved training course and pass the examinations within an EU state, to regain EU regulation compliance.

What is the Pass rate for students on the ISM Transport Management CPC?

The onus is on the delegate to pass the examination on the day; however, ISM is proud to say that our average pass rate for the examinations is higher than 96%. We have Academic / Industry and subject matter experts as our lead tutors, with over 100years combined experience between them, our tutors excel in the delivery of this course. Our tutors have worked and or are still working within the Haulage and Passenger Industries and have current up to date knowledge in all aspects of the industries. Our tutors will do everything they can to get you the results you deserve, and if you follow their expert tuition, use their exam tips, and study the course content and course manuals, you will be well on your way to success in your examinations.

How much is the course and are there any fees payable for course manuals or examinations?

The current course fee is €850.00. The course manuals and learner’s handbooks, course content, slide shows, past papers etc are covered in this fee. Staged payments are also available for those who require it; however, all fees must be paid before the course commencement date. There is also an additional examination fee to be paid directly to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport prior to the examination date. Your course tutor will advise you when this is to be paid. The current CILT examination fee is €285.00 (this may be subject to change)

Please contact us directly if you require any further information on fees, our staff will be happy to help

What happens if I fail one of the papers on the day, will I still get the certificate of Professional competence??

No. however, if you pass one paper with at least 60% and achieve at least 50% in the failed paper, you can return on the next examination date and re-sit the failed paper only.
Please note that an additional examination fee will be payable to CILT (Ire).

Can I function as a Transport Manager for more than one company?

Yes. You can function as the nominated Transport manager for up to four different companies, provided that the combined fleet of vehicles under your control does not exceed fifty vehicles.

I have a small transport operation for hire and reward (small courier company) with vehicles under 3.5 tonnes GVW, I currently do not have a Road Transport Operators Haulage licence. I operate into UK / NI occasionally. Do I need to apply for a Haulage Licence?

Yes. Since February 2022, ALL vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 2.5 tonnes, operating for hire and reward, into UK / NI or the EU bloc, must have an international road haulage Operators Licence. Any person who wishes to apply for an international haulage licence or International Passenger Transport Operator’s Licence must be in possession of or hire someone who holds an International Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Transport Management.

I have a small taxi and minibus company; do I need a Road Passenger Operators Licence?

Yes. If you carry passengers in vehicles with seating capacity of nine persons or more (Including the driver) you will require a Road Passenger Transport Operators licence. This means the operator must possess or employ someone who holds an International Certificate of Professional competence in Road Passenger Transport Management.

I have a difficulty in learning, how will this affect my ability to complete the course and sit the examination?

ISM support a fully inclusive and equal opportunity-based training system. We believe that everyone has the right to quality education and training. If you have been clinically diagnosed with a learning disability, please contact us directly in total confidence to discuss the learning support options and resources that are available that will help you both on the course and with the examination. Our expert tutors have many years of experience in designing learner specific training programmes that encourage participation and engagement within our courses