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Get the wheels in motion with our unique free mock theory test for B licence category. Your journey starts here.

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Practice with our Free Mock Theory Test

Prepare to pass your Driver Theory Test first time with our free on-the-go revision tool.

The start of every driver’s journey begins with sitting the theory test. We are here to help you succeed! Our mock theory test consists of 40 randomly chosen questions from our huge bank of realistic questions to simulate the actual thing. Get unlimited access to take the test as many times as you like until you feel confident to take the next step.

Practice whenever and wherever on any platform.

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ISM Mock Theory Test

Practice with our free online test. Get unlimited access to our huge bank of realistic theory test questions and prepare to pass the real thing first time!

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1. How may you improve fuel efficiency?

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2. What effect may a broken or damaged exhaust have on the environment?

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3. A section of the road ahead which you are travelling is flooded. You should..?

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4. What may occur if you drive closely behind a vehicle you do not intend to overtake?

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5. What is the minimum legal thread depth for a car's tyres?

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6. What does this sign mean?

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7. Are children who are not secured in a child's safety seat allowed in the front passenger seat?

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8. A school bus is stopped on the road ahead of you in your lane. What should you do?

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9. If you are taking any medication which might affect your driving you should..

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10. What is a clearway?

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11. When is it permissible to reverse on a motorway?

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12. When is it allowed for passengers to have their heads outside a sunroof while driving?

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13. If you pass your driving test in an automatic vehicle, which vehicle types are you now permitted to drive?

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14. A child is standing in the space between the front seats. What is the greatest danger of allowing this?

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15. In which position should your wheels face when parking your car facing downhill?

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16. You wish to drop off a passenger.. to do this you should?

Question Image

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17. What does this sign mean?

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18. What should you do if a person has been injured in an accident?

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19. When you wish to perform a legal 'u-turn' manoeuvre, you should..

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20. The vehicle ahead is being driven by a slower learner driver. You should..

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21. When driving behind a vehicle that is driving erratically or dangerously you should?

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22 / 40

22. What precautions should you take when getting off a motorcycle?

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23. When you are being overtaken by another vehicle you should..

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24. What way is a less experienced driver likely to act?

Question Image

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25. What should the driver of a motorcycle ensure their passenger is wearing before driving?

Question Image

26 / 40

26. When can you leave children and infants unattended in a car?

Question Image

27 / 40

27. When is it permitted for a provisionally licensed motorcyclist to carry a pillion passenger?

Question Image

28 / 40

28. How can overloading a vehicle affect its road holding ability?

Question Image

29 / 40

29. When is it permissible for a car/taxi/bike to use a 'contra-flow' bus lane?

Question Image

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30. You have stopped and wish to get out of the vehicle. What should you do before proceeding?

Question Image

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31. Where there is a sharp dip in the road ahead you should..

Question Image

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32. What should you do when approaching a playground?

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33. What should a driver do before setting off when transporting children?

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34. What in particular should you be aware of while driving at night?

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35. When should a learner drivers 'L' plates be displayed?

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36. Are you still covered to drive your vehicle if your insurance policy has expired?

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37. When driving in heavy rain you should?

Question Image

38 / 40

38. What precautions should you take after stopping your vehicle before you exit the vehicle door?

Question Image

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39. Which way should a child's safety seat be secured?

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40. What is the combined speed of two vehicles involved in a head on collision if they are each travelling at 100 km/h?

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