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Get the wheels in motion with our unique free mock theory test for B licence category. Your journey starts here.

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Practice with our Free Mock Theory Test

Prepare to pass your Driver Theory Test first time with our free on-the-go revision tool.

The start of every driver’s journey begins with sitting the theory test. We are here to help you succeed! Our mock theory test consists of 40 randomly chosen questions from our huge bank of realistic questions to simulate the actual thing. Get unlimited access to take the test as many times as you like until you feel confident to take the next step.

Practice whenever and wherever on any platform.

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ISM Mock Theory Test

Practice with our free online test. Get unlimited access to our huge bank of realistic theory test questions and prepare to pass the real thing first time!

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1. What does this sign mean?

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2. When is it permissible to carry more passengers in your vehicle than there are seats available?

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3. There is blue smoke being emitted from your vehicles exhaust.. What is this usually a sign of?

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4. What precautions should you take before getting out of your vehicle?

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5. What does this sign mean?

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6. Should the handbrake be used to bring the vehicle to a stop?

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7. What fuel type/types can be use in a petrol engine?

Question Image

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8. In which position should your wheels face when parking your car facing downhill?

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9. When driving behind a vehicle that is driving erratically or dangerously you should?

Question Image

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10. When should a learner drivers 'L' plates be displayed?

Question Image

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11. Where there is a sharp dip in the road ahead you should..

Question Image

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12. If you pass your driving test in an automatic vehicle, which vehicle types are you now permitted to drive?

Question Image

13 / 40

13. In which situation should you use your hazard warning lights?

Question Image

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14. Whilst driving on a road which has loose chippings you should?

Question Image

15 / 40

15. What in particular should you be aware of while driving at night?

Question Image

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16. When driving at night when should you dip your vehicles headlights?

Question Image

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17. You are travelling behind a vehicle on a wide road. The vehicle ahead has signalled right, you should..

Question Image

18 / 40

18. What danger should drivers be most aware of while driving on country roads?

Question Image

19 / 40

19. Who should you call first if a person has been injured in a road accident?

Question Image

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20. Where should a learner drivers 'L' plates be displayed?

Question Image

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21. During scheduled times, which vehicles are allowed to use 'with-flow' bus lane?

Question Image

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22. At night when approaching an oncoming vehicle with their full beam on.. You should..?

Question Image

23 / 40

23. When you wish to reverse your vehicle you should..

Question Image

24 / 40

24. What would be the 'blind spots' for a bus driver?

Question Image

25 / 40

25. You wish to drop off a passenger.. to do this you should?

Question Image

26 / 40

26. You want to reverse your vehicle on a busy street, you should..

Question Image

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27. The vehicle ahead is being driven by a slower learner driver. You should..

Question Image

28 / 40

28. What should a driver do if feeling tired/drowsy?

Question Image

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29. What does this sign mean?

Question Image

30 / 40

30. What roads are provisionally licensed drivers permitted drive on?

Question Image

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31. When is it allowed for passengers to have their heads outside a sunroof while driving?

Question Image

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32. When is it legal to drive in the hard shoulder of a motorway?

Question Image

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33. Who is responsible for ensuring that a child is wearing a safety-belt?

Question Image

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34. How may a warm interior of a vehicle affect the driver while driving at night?

Question Image

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35. What would happen if the exhaust is removed from a motorcycle?

Question Image

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36. What should you do when you see farm animals crossing the road ahead of you?

Question Image

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37. Ahead a bus is beginning to pull away from a bus stop, what should you do?

Question Image

38 / 40

38. What does this sign mean?

Question Image

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39. When must the passengers of a vehicle with fitted seatbelts use seatbelts?

Question Image

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40. What precautions should be taken while overtaking a cyclist on a windy day?

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