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Almost 90% of Ireland’s qualified Driving Instructors have trained through ISM; you can do it too. You can steer your career in a new direction in a few easy steps.

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Getting Started

Do you want to meet new people daily and work in a comfortable, interactive environment with professional career guidance? ISM Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) enjoy all these benefits. Benefitting from our experience as the Market Leading Driving School for the past 60 years (established 1961), ISM Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) come from various career backgrounds. Seeking a new career direction, our Driving Instructor Trainees include former members of An Garda Síochána, school teachers, factory workers, taxi drivers, construction workers, tradespeople, legal staff and lecturers.

Most people are simply looking for a fresh challenge and an interesting new career direction with real potential, with the freedom to be your own boss, work locally, work your own hours and get out on the road meeting new people. As an ISM Qualified ADI, you will be rewarded with excellent earning potential, flexible working hours allowing you to spend more time with your family as needed, and the invaluable feeling of job satisfaction every time your students pass their driving test.

Whether you’re new to the Driving Instruction Industry or have already had some prior training, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting professional expert tuition and great value for money. If you are considering training to be an ISM Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), start by checking the requirements to ensure you are eligible. Then, you can be assured that ISM will train you to the highest standard to prepare you for the RSA ADI Exams. Almost 90% of all Ireland’s qualified Driving Instructors have trained through the ISM. We are proud to say we have also trained most of our competitors!

Beware of some Driving Schools charging for assessments. Reputable Instructor Training Organisations consider this bad industry practice. Instructor Trainees are also advised to exercise extreme caution with day-by-day payment plans, where you are not told the cost and length of the process.

ISM provides dedicated professional ADI Training for all three stages to ensure you have the best chance to pass all three exams the first time. Expert training is vital for beginning your new career as a Driving Instructor. It has been found that virtually everyone who attempts the ADI Examinations without professional training does not pass. ISM has dedicated Train the ADI Trainer Tutors who specialise in guiding Instructor Trainees to pass the three modules in the shortest time possible successfully.

What Do You Need?

Whether you are new to the Driving Tuition Industry or have already had some prior training, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting professional expert tuition and great value for money. If you are considering training to be a Driving Instructor, start by checking the requirements to ensure you are eligible. Then, be assured that ISM will train you to the highest standard to get you prepared to pass your RSA ADI exams the first time. Approximately 90% of all Ireland’s Driving Instructors have successfully trained through ISM!

Before you train, you must apply to the RSA (ADI Section) to become an ADI. First, you must hold a full valid Irish driving licence (for at least two years). Then, there are four things to do: Complete the ADI application form and the Vetting form, and get two recent passport-size photographs and your Tax Access Code (you will get this from Revenue).

Contact us at 01 864 1790, and we’ll explain the process in detail, forward you the application forms, etc.

If you have any doubts about meeting these requirements, you can contact ISM at 01 864 1790 or the Road Safety Authority on 096 25007 for further advice.

ISM ADI Training

The ISM Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Training Course provides everything you need to become a professional ADI Driving Instructor. Whether you intend to set up your own driving school or want to become an agent for ISM, the ISM ADI Training offers the most prestigious and respected Approved Driving Instructor Training Programme in Ireland at the most affordable price. ISM is approved and recommended by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to conduct ADI Training for all three stages, so you can expect to get through all three stages in the shortest possible time, professionally and systematically.

ISM Instructor Training is the only choice – we operate Ireland’s only dedicated Instructor Training programme. As market leaders, virtually everyone trains through ISM to become an ISM Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). We operate most of the ADI Training in Dublin and Cork, but also in selected areas throughout Ireland on a request basis. Upon successful completion, you can set up your own Driving School or join the ISM Team (pending a successful interview).

Why Choose ISM?

Put your trust in ISM to get you on the road as an ISM Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). ISM is Ireland’s most prominent and first established driving school (established in 1961), offering nationwide training. With our longevity in business, you are guaranteed to be trained in the most successful and professional driving school. With the ever-increasing expansion of ISM Instructors throughout Ireland, we are creating more market share each year. We have partnered with AXA Insurance (Ireland’s largest motor insurer), who provide two amazing offers (for Learner permits and Full Licence holders), substantially increasing business for ISM Instructors all over Ireland. Also, with the success of our integrated online booking system, over 45% of our car driving lesson bookings are now online and continuing to grow.

So whether you are an existing ADI who wants to increase local business or are new to the industry, contact Steve Murray or Karl Walsh at ISM Head Office 01 864 1790. Please note that ISM restricts the number of Instructors in all areas throughout Ireland’s cities, towns, and rural areas.

RSA Driving Exams

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is Ireland’s regulatory body for driving instruction. Driving Instructors who meet the standard set by the RSA will become ISM Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).

The ADI Registrar based in the RSA heads up the unit responsible for the registration process. The objective of regulating the industry is to standardise instruction and give the ADI a leading role in developing better drivers.

To become an ISM Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), whether for cars, motorbikes, trucks or buses, you must qualify as an ISM Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). The ADI qualifying examination comes in three stages – Theory, Advanced Driving, and Instructional Ability.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

ADI Stage 1 – Theory TRAINING

Stage 1 of the ISM Driving Instructor Training Programme focuses on the theoretical aspects of driving, including theory, rules of the road, driving regulations, ricability, pedagogy, customer focus etc., and is delivered on a 1:1 basis. Before this training course, you must read the recommended ADI study material, which you can download from the RSA website. You must have studied this material thoroughly before the theory training day.

This Classroom/Online Training day is usually scheduled a couple of weeks before your Stage 1 exam after completing your home study. Your tutor will work through the Stage 1 ADI material and prepare you with mock exam papers. This ensures you have full knowledge of each section you are expected to know to pass your Stage 1 exam.

ADI Stage 1 – Theory EXAM

In this test, you will be asked 100 questions split into four bands. For every question, there will be four possible answers. You answer the questions by touching the computer screen to select the answer from the selection shown. To pass the test, you must answer at least 85 questions correctly, with a minimum of 20 correct answers in each band. This part of the test will last one and a half hours. You can work through a practice session lasting 15 minutes to help you get used to the system before you start the test.

ADI Stage 2 – Advanced Driver Training

Now that you have the theory, you are ready to take to the road. You can choose between an ISM training vehicle or your own car. The objective of Stage 2 is to eradicate bad habits you may have picked up along the way, enabling you to assist your students most effectively. Putting theory into practice, we will concentrate on the following:

  • Assessment of your practical driving ability and knowledge.
  • Going back to basics, you will be expected to conduct all manoeuvres that learner drivers must complete on their test.
  • Driving will occur in various environments – urban and rural roads, motorways, and dual carriageways.

ADI Stage 2 – Advanced Driving Exam

Like in Stage 1, your RSA ADI examiner will be there to guide you. At this stage, the exam is conducted by an RSA ADI Inspector. This practical exam is also known as the ADI practical driving skills assessment.

ADI Stage 3 – Instructional Ability Training

Now that you have successfully passed the first two stages, you are ready to prove you have what it takes to turn future students into safe drivers. Not only will you be equipped with the knowledge needed for the Stage 3 exam, but you will also be taught:

  • How to effectively use dual controls, ensuring you always keep the car safe.
  • How to devise a “lesson planner” using various role-play skills.
  • How to teach your future students using the ISM ADI Teaching Manual.

ADI Stage 3 – Instructional Ability Exam

During this stage, two or three role-playing exercises will test your teaching ability. These role-plays will involve the examiner taking to the wheel and playing various scenarios:

  1. The novice with no experience.
  2. Intermediate drivers with little experience – you must highlight and correct their errors.
  3. The final exercise will involve you demonstrating teaching methods to experienced drivers to prepare them for their driving test.

These role-playing exercises are designed to test your presentation, mastery of instructional techniques, and ability to assess a learner driver’s skills and weaknesses correctly.

Cost Guide

To understand the process in detail, the following is a step-by-step guide to becoming an RSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Below we have detailed the prices of each exam and training module with an attractive payment plan to suit your requirements. We realise it is vital that you know exactly how much the whole process will cost, from start to finish. On this note, beware of training companies offering ADI Training that do not provide transparent information and prices. The ISM Instructor Training Programme represents unrivalled value and is guaranteed as the most competitively priced training available in Ireland.


• STAGE 1 €150.00 • STAGE 2 €200.00• STAGE 3 €200.00
REGISTRATION FEE (upon successful completion) €250.00

ISM ADI Training Plan

The full three-Stage Modular ADI Training Course costs €2250.00. Industry experts conduct our ADI training on a 1:1 basis. Please note that home study is required, and we will advise you about the best way to proceed with all relevant information to prepare for each exam properly. You will also receive a complimentary ADI Stage 3 Teaching Manual to prepare for your final Stage 3 exam.

ADI STAGE 1: Home Study + Revision Session (1 x half-day session; 4 hours) of Classroom/Online Based Theory Training.

ADI STAGE 2: On-Road Advanced Training (3 x half-day sessions; 12 hours). ISM provide the training vehicle if necessary.

ADI STAGE 3: Combined On-Road & Classroom Training (4 x half-day sessions; 16 hours) of Instructional Ability Training (including ADI Teaching Manual).

Classrooms are provided for the relevant theory sessions, and new fully-insured dual-controlled specialised Training Vehicles are used for the On-Road Training. We have now introduced a new “three-part easy-pay plan” where you can pay the course fee in three stages: €750.00 x 3 payments. Payment is accepted by bank transfer or credit/debit card. For more information, call Karl or Steve at ISM Head Office on 01 864 1790.

Step-By-Step Guide

1 – Download the RSA ADI application forms at https://www.rsa.ie/en/Utility/Driving-Instructors1/Becoming-an-ADI/ . All three RSA ADI Exams will cost you €550.00, but you can pay for each stage separately if it suits you better. The breakdown of these RSA fees is as follows: Stage 1: €150.00 / Stage 2: €200.00 / Stage 3: €200.00.

2 – Complete both forms (the ADI application form and the Vetting form). Get your Tax Access Code from Revenue. Post these to the RSA in Ballina, Co Mayo, with two recently taken passport photographs. The RSA usually take 3/4 weeks to process your application. When successful, the RSA will write to you and provide you with an “eligibility number”, enabling you to apply for your first exam, the ADI Theory Test.

3 – When you have scheduled your Stage 1 exam date, contact us immediately. We will advise you of the relevant material to read, all recommended by the RSA. We will arrange your Stage 1 training date approximately ten days before this exam. We will require your first deposit payment of €750.00 at this stage.

4 – When the RSA are notified of your successful Stage 1 pass result, we recommend you apply for your Stage 2 exam as soon as possible; you should expect your Stage 2 exam within a month or so. Once you have received this date, call us and schedule your three half-day Stage 2 Advanced Driver Training sessions. We will now require your second deposit payment of €750.00.

5 – Then when the RSA are notified of your successful completion of Stage 2, you should expect your Stage 3 exam date, again within approximately another four weeks. Once you have received this date, call us once again and schedule your four half-day sessions of Stage 3 Instructional Ability Training prior to your exam date. Now you can pay your third and final training fee of €750.00.

To get started, or if you have any questions, contact Karl Walsh at 01 864 1790 or 087 2533365.

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