Our qualified trainers will travel to business locations nationwide to provide training across a range of forklift training courses for your novice and experienced operators.

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Forklift training is required for anyone seeking employment or upskilling in warehouse operation to carry out their work safely and competently at a professional standard. All forklift operators must have basic training in all types of lift truck and attachments required within their work. This is covered by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989. Forklifts are amongst the most hazardous vehicle types in the workplace but the dangers associated with their use are often underestimated because they are quiet, in frequent use and part of the environment. However, accidents involving forklifts are often serious and sometimes fatal. The training provides the qualification to operate the forklifts required within the company workplace as outlined in Irish Health & Safety Legislation. At ISM, we have a range of forklift training courses for both novice and experienced operators provided off-site at business locations nationwide.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the legislation
  • Pre-use inspection, maintenance and safe operation of forklifts
  • Recognising hazards and dangers in the workplace