The law states that drivers of goods vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes and passenger vehicles with more than eight seats must not drive without a break for more than 4.5 hours or for more than 9 hours a day or 56 hours per week.

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This course is for professional truck and bus drivers and road haulage and passenger transport managers seeking to make the change over from an analogue tachograph or wishing to update their existing knowledge of digital tachograph equipment. All new commercial trucks since 2006 are required to have a digital tachograph.  Drivers must know the procedure to insert their driver card into the digital tachograph unit and manually input their rests, breaks and other periods of availability. Transport managers must know the procedure for downloading data from the driver card and the vehicle unit. Trainees will learn the regulations governing them under EU Drivers’ Hours and understand the basic principles of operating a digital tachograph.

Topics covered include:

  • Learning the defensive driving style
  • Using the driver card to operate the digital tachograph
  • Printing a report for inspection