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Community Responsibility

ISM are committed to providing non profit organisations with Driving for Work and Eco and Winter Driving education.

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Get your Free Driving for Work Policy Pack with Eco-Driving

Your organisation is required to become compliant with the health and safety regulations relating to Driving for Work if any of your employees or volunteers drive as part of their working day, use their private vehicle and receive travel expenses, or you provide a company vehicle for work purposes. As part of our community responsibility, we have developed a free Driving for Work Policy Pack which includes sample templates on a Driving for Work policy, risk assessment, checklist on training needs, and compliance declaration. Request your free policy pack by e-mailing

Driving for Work is a compliance solution for understanding, identifying, evaluating, and managing risks arising from driving for work. Our training programme and guidance documents are tools for non-profit governing bodies, such as the Board of Directors or Trustees, with employees and/or volunteers. The Driving for Work online, €50 per licence, training includes eco-driving and teaches sustainable driving habits. Eco-driving focuses on making your employees and volunteers more environmentally aware and teaches them to minimise harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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Winter Driving Awareness Training

Most of us have been working from home and driven our own or work vehicles very little for personal and work purposes. When was the last time you or your team had any driver assessment or training? This is an ideal time for winter awareness training. Adverse weather conditions and longer periods of darkness during these late autumn and winter months makes driving more hazardous. Reduced driving experience can impact on our ability to react on the surprising conditions of winter and can bring unique driving challenges. It is important that you ensure that you and your team’s skills retain the the safe driving standards. Prepare yourself and take some time to consider how your and your work vehicles and the changing weather conditions affects your driving.

ISM Winter Driving Course guides you to being prepared for your travel and route, provides safety instructions on safe driving techniques and revises on what to do if an unexpected situation occurs. The course aims to keep you and other road users safe. The live online training with ISM Advanced Driver Trainer takes place on Wednesday 1st December at 11.30am. Book now, free limited places will be donated for non-profit organisations as part of ISM Community Responsibility programme. Nominal administration fee €10 per participant will be charged. The learners will be sent a Teams link prior to start of the training.

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ISM Winter Driving Course for Non-Profits


Building the Foundations for Safer Driving

ISM, in partnership with Mondello Park, delivers EARLY-DRIVE Powered by MINI – a young driver safety awareness programme aimed primarily at transition year second-level students. EARLY-DRIVE focuses on promoting safe road behaviour in a practical manner using combined teaching methods of in-classroom, practical driving and demonstrations.

With our driver education expertise, combined with the facilities of Mondello Park, transition year students learn about pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety, building the foundations for safe road behaviour. Everything about EARLY-DRIVE is designed around young people and has their safety at its core. EARLY-DRIVE courses require no previous driving experience and are available for individuals as well as school groups.



Here to Support Your Organisation

ISM Community Responsibility advocates for employer responsibility in their employee’s behaviour as a vehicle driver, and connects non-profit organisations, social enterprises and charities to knowledge, experience and resources within ISM. The purpose of this work is to assist organisations in explaining “Driving for Work” in the context of Occupational Health and Safety and to support organisations in adapting sustainable eco-driving habits. As the leader in driver education since 1961, ISM’s Community Responsibility programme also educates young and novice road users about safe behaviour on the road in line with the Government’s Road Safety Strategy.

ISM’s Training Courses are delivered by leading Instructors and Trainers within their area of industry expertise. Our suite of Training Courses supports individuals by delivering continued professional development, leading to qualifications, certifications, upskilling or vocational further training. ISM Training works in tandem with our Recruitment Services, where we assist learners in securing employment and furthering their career opportunities.

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Our community responsibility extends to Driving for Work, Eco-driving support and upskilling for employment.

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