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Irish Roads Familiarisation Training

With an increasing number of employees coming to work in Ireland from abroad it is important for employers to ensure they manage the risks that may arise when one of their new employees is required to drive for work. Our specialised trainers have been working with licenced drivers from around the world to ensure they are comfortable, familiar and can operate a vehicle safely whilst driving on Irelands roads. Our 4 hour on-road familiarisation training has proven to be invaluable to organisations when supporting new starters and in ensuring their safety whilst driving for work.

Who Should Attend:

Employees who are unfamiliar with Irish roads and drive a vehicle provided by their employer or their own vehicle for work purposes.


  • Increase driver confidence
  • Cover employer’s duty of care
  • Improve driving standards
  • Reduce accidents
  • Reduce legal costs

Course Content:

This 4-hour course is delivered in a vehicle with an ADI qualified and RoSPA tested instructor. The course covers several key skills required whilst driving on Irish roads including primary, national regional and motorway driving techniques, the Rules of the Road, parking restrictions and the penalty points system.


  • Fully licenced driver


You will receive a detailed report for each driver with a low medium or high-risk evaluation. Further training may be recommended as a result of the driver assessment.

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