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ISM Services for Non-Profits, the Community Responsibility Programme of Irish School of Motoring Ltd, hosted a Health and Safety compliance workshop in ISM Training Centre, Tallaght for non-profit organisations, social enterprises and charities. This early February workshop guided participating organisations in becoming compliant in the necessary laws and regulations relating to Driving for Work. This risk management and compliance concerns every non-profit organisation that have either employees or volunteers using their own car or company car as part of their working day and receiving travel expenses.

ISM Services for Non-Profits have developed a free Driving for Work policy pack which is inclusive of sample templates on Driving for Work policy, risk assessment, checklist on training needs and compliance declaration.  The pack will assist non-profits in their task of understanding, identifying, evaluating and managing the health and safety risk arising from driving.

“Driving for Work happens nearly in every organisation. Typical every day examples are an employee or a volunteer going to a meeting, community engagement and outreach work, for example, in the field of disability support, or delivering meals on wheels to the elderly or transporting service users in a youth club minibus, “ Training Services Manager Paul Kenny  explains. “The common misconception is that Driving for Work only concerns professional drivers and commercial fleets. Employers and voluntary boards lack awareness and information on their duty of care under the health and safety regulations,” Kenny says and continues “as the leading driver education organisation in Ireland, we feel it is our community responsibility to heighten awareness and deliver risk management and compliance services and solutions”.

ISM Driving for Work is a specifically designed tool for non-profit governing bodies with employees and volunteers. On-line training focuses to protect, reduce and minimise risk arising from driving, such as hazard perception, mobile phone use, awareness of driving speed, driver fatigue and motorway driving.  On-road training additionally includes an in-vehicle assessment of the driver’s health & safety performance.

Development Manager Tina Walsh was delighted with the active participation of the workshop participants and concluded “The Charities Regulator has clearly advised within the Governance Code that compliancy of Health and Safety legislation and the need for risk management is a necessity. Today, in this workshop, I see the management and trustees of many charities taking this very seriously and really thinking on practical operational levels how risk associated with driving during working and volunteer hours can affect them”.

The next information session on Driving for Work will take place on Wednesday 11th March in ISM Training Centre, Finglas, Dublin 11. To register for this and future events, e-mail