Driver Metrics

Personality-based assessments

Drivermetrics is a 20 minute online personality based assessment. Behavioural factors can seriously disrupt driver performance and are known to be a major contributor to road traffic accidents.

The Assessment measures the driver’s vulnerability to commonplace stress reactions and behaviour during driving and is predictive of accident involvement.

The analysis of the FDRI can not only tell you which of your drivers are at risk, but also and most importantly predict why drivers are at a high risk. By identifying the specific behaviours that contribute to a driver’s high risk of an accident, we are able to provide a number of specific ‘individually focused’ training interventions aimed at reducing the risk.

The full Assessment Report is available to the driver and/or line manager by clicking a link in the summary report or via the Management Information System.

Visit our dedicated training site for more info on our Driver Metrics Courses.

How does it work?

The online MIS enables you to easily manage and monitor the entire driving risk management process, incorporating assessment, monitoring, review, compliance and audit trail. The system incorporates a database of all drivers along with the details of their completed DriverMetrics Assessment.

Management reporting is a key feature of the system, which allows online accesses via secure passwords. This feature is particularly useful for exception reporting and managing non-compliance. Specific reports can also be produced for example all drivers by risk rating, age category, points on licence and other aspects of the situational risk profile.

Key features

  • Secure on-line database of all drivers
  • Details of all drivers ‘risk status’ and required actions
  • Nominated Line Managers will be able to access the database by line of business to track driver compliance with the safe driving programme
  • Details driver training requirements for each individual driver and attendance date
  • The on-line information system allows nominated line managers to access key information at the touch of a button
  • An added benefit is the ability to produce a number of reports including exception reporting
  • Establishes an audit trail
  • The FDRI can be customised to incorporate a number of additional risk factors into the situational risk profile.


Q.How complicated will it be to set up the Assessment for use within my organisation?

A.The set-up process is simple and is managed by Peak Performance and DriverMetrics.

Q.Do drivers need to be supervised whilst completing the Assessment?

A.No. The Assessment can be completed independently, at any time from any location with an Internet enabled PC.

Q.What PC skills are required to complete the Assessment?

A.Drivers require only basic computer skills to complete the assessment online.

Q.What equipment is required?

A.You do not need to provide any special equipment as drivers can complete the Assessment using any standard PC or Apple Mac with an Internet connection and web browser.

Q.How secure is the system?

A.The Assessment is hosted on the DriverMetrics secure server and regularly backed up at Cranfield University. No third party will be allowed access to your data.

Q.How do we know that a driver will not ‘cheat’ on the Assessment?

A.A ‘lie scale’ is built into the FDRI. This is a proven way to identify candidates who are trying to present themselves in a favourable light.

Q.What happens if a driver exits the assessment before the last question?

A.To retain the psychometric integrity of the assessment it must be completed in one session. In this case the driver will start the Assessment again after a time out period of 20 minutes.

Visit our dedicated training site for more info on our Driver Metrics Courses.

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