Drive Safe: Advanced Eco Driving

Driver behaviour has the single biggest impact on fuel consumption, maintenance and safety


“ISM Drive Safe drivers have proven the ability to control both the position and speed of their vehicle safely and systematically, applying the skills of anticipation and planning, displaying a courteous attitude towards other road users, in a manner that indicates this standard will be maintained in their daily drive”

(Dean Williams, ISM Drive Safe Head Trainer)

ISM Drive Safe Driver Training is the only Advanced Eco Driver Training Standard developed specifically for the Irish market.

Our courses are designed to teach trainees smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that have been proven to reduce annual fuel costs by 5-10%.  

Advanced Eco Driving also leads to less accidents, reduced wear and tear on your vehicles, as well as reductions in emissions  and noise levels.

If you have ever wondered how driving style influences your fuel bills and maintenance costs, ISM Drive Safe Driver Training is the perfect solution for you.

We are not here to teach your or your employees how to drive, but how to apply a specific system to their driving that will make them safer and more confident on the road, and save money. Many of our clients have seen a return of investment within months.

There are a number of real and vital business reasons why your company should implement formal Driver Risk Management & Driver Training:

  • Legal compliance with 2005 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.
  • Reductions in annual fuel consumption of between 5% and 10%.
  • Reductions in harmful emissions by 30%-40%.
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicles.
  • Less down time for your vehicles.
  • Less stressed, more relaxed and productive driving for your employees.
  • Increased safety for your drivers and other road users.

Visit our dedicated training site for more info on Advanced Eco Driving.


What the Experts Say:

“Driver behaviour has the single biggest impact on fuel consumption. Investing in in-depth and on-going driver training will therefore quickly pay off and cut costs. To date, 7 out of 10 European Haulage companies have invested in eco driving training”

(Driving Fuel Efficiency in Europe’s Road Freight Transport - A Goodyear Dunlop Fleet Symposium) January 2012

“Even an experienced driver can improve his or her fuel economy by up to 10%” 

Scania Ireland

“With the cost of fuel, damage and downtime of paramount importance to most operations, drivers who adopt a safe and fuel-efficient driving style are to be valued”

An improvement of just 3% in fuel consumption alone means a saving of £1,800 – for every driver trained.”


 "Using driving techniques that improve fuel consumption also results in vehicles having less impact on the environment  as well as potentially reducing operating costs in terms of unscheduled maintenance and repairs.

That uptime can be optimised and even improved by using driving techniques that deliver improved fuel economy is an established fact. Utilising good driver techniques is incontrovertibly good for our customers, their customers and drivers of our vehicles."


“Benefits of Driver Training

  • Reduced impact on the environment due to
  • reduced emissions
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced down time due to road conflict
  • Pilot studies demonstrate a fuel saving of
  • between 9 & 10%
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced journey times, wear & tear and
  • driver stress & fatigue levels”

  UK Road Safety Ltd

Visit our dedicated training site for more info on Advanced Eco Driving.

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