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Advanced and Pre-Test Riding

[vc_custom_heading text=”ISM provide New Bikes, Gear, Helmet,

Gloves, & Wet gear at no extra cost” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”green-headings”]TheŒæISM Advanced Rider Training CourseŒæis designed for motorcyclists with Full LicencesŒæwho want to increase their levels of safety, improve their technique and become more “highly polished” motorcyclists. The aims ofŒæISM TrainingŒæis to improve ability to utilise motorcycles in a competent and safe manner, to realise the machine and rider capabilities and to ride in a progressive manner whilst showing consideration for other road users. This training will prepare those who wish to take the RoSPA Advanced Riders Test äóñ yourŒæISM TrainerŒæwill advise you about this.

Advanced Rider Training costs ä‰å100.00 and they are conducted inŒætwo hour sessions. ISM can provide the Training Bikes at no extra cost. Certificates are included upon completion.ISM ADI TrainersŒæare approved to conduct AON/Liberty Insurance Assessments. We can provide fully insured 2013 motorbikes for your training at no extra cost.

AON/AXAξBikeCare Motorbike Insurance

Their assessment offers four levels.

  • Level 4 Insurance is offered at full licence rate to Learner Permit holders
  • Level 3 Full licence rate plus 10% Discount
  • Level 2 Full licence rate plus 15% Discount
  • Level 1 Take the ROSPA advanced riding test and get silver. Full licence rate plus 30% Discount.

The bike used for the assessment must be no more than four insurance categories lower than the bike you want to insure.

EG ; to insure a group 10 bike you must do the assessment on a group 6 or higher bike.

For some combinations of bike and rider AON will insist on an assessment, sometimes requiring a grade 2.

Most riders will need more than one session to reach grade two.

Grade Definitions

  • Level 4 Equivalent to passing the driving test.

    The rider understands basic driver theory is implementing it consistently.

  • level 3 Intermediate level riding.

    A good level of hazard awareness and planning. A good level of machine control.

  • Level 2 Advanced level. A high level of hazard awareness and Planning in place consistently. Very good machine control.

Liberty Motorbike Insurance

The Liberty Insurance Assessment is very similar to the AON assessment.

The above definitions of the levels are the same for Liberty Insurance.

If the bike to be insured is 500cc or more, the assessment must be done on a bike of 500cc or more.

  • Grade 4 20% Discount
  • Grade 3 25% Discount
  • Grade 2 30% Discount
  • Grade 1 35% Discount

Insurance Training/Assessment is 4 hours costing ä‰å200.00.

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