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Training Requirements

If you want to become a professional bus driver after the 10th Sept 2008 or a professional truck driver after the 10th Sept 2009 you will have to do an Initial DriverξCPCξexamination.

The examination includes:

  • two hour multiple choice theory test,
  • two hour case study theory test,
  • 90 minute driving test, and
  • 30 minute practical test.

You can go on training inξRSAξapproved training centres to help you pass your DriverξCPCξexamination.

Once you have completed and passed the four parts of the DriverξCPCξexamination you can apply for a driving licence and DriverξCPCξcard in that category.

Should you fail any part of the test you will have to resit that part of the test again.This is the training you need to do every yearξto keep your Driver CPC.

All drivers must complete a minimum of 35 hours DriverξCPCξPeriodic Training every five years, with a requirement to do a minimum of seven hours of training per year.

Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a penal offence. The training modules will be divided into seven hour blocks which will have to be taken over one day.

All professional bus drivers, who hold a valid category D, D1, D+E, or D1+E licence by 10 September 2008, must complete one day of periodic training every year for five years until 10 September 2013, when they will be issued a DriverξCPCξCard by theξRSA.

In order to retain the DriverξCPCξqualification after 10 September 2013, the drivers will be required to undertake a further 35 hours of training every five years, with a minimum of seven hours/one day per year.