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If you want to become aξprofessional bus & truck driverξyou will have to do aξDriver CPC examination.

There are three parts to theξInitial CPC test; a multiple choice theory test with 100 questions; a Case studies theory test and a practical CPC test which is a 30 minute demonstration session in and around the truck. All of which is covered in our practical on-road pre-test courses. When you have completed all three parts of the CPC and your RSA driving test you will also be required to complete the compulsory one days training as outlined below.

The examination includes:

  • A two hour multiple choice theory test,
  • A two hour case study theory test,
  • A 90 minute driving test, and
  • A 30 minute practical test. (Covering the candidateäó»s knowledge of safety, a practical demonstration of the candidateäó»s knowledge of the vehicle and its components and their knowledge of documentation required to drive professionally.)

ξ*Please note: for those obtaining a learner permit for the first time a Driver Theory Test (DTT) is also required.

Although Driver CPC effects both passenger and truck drivers in the same way we have chosen to differentiate between the two in order to present the information as clearly as possible for our customers. This information is up to date to the best of our knowledge as of the 1st of October 2009.