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The EU has encouraged its members to provide better training for professional drivers. Many professional drivers in the EU are working without the benefit of training or the opportunity to regularly refresh their skills.

As a result the EU introduced Directive 2003/59/EC which makes it compulsory for European member states to have DriverξCPCξfor all professional bus and truck drivers.

  • Driver Certificate in Professional Competence Information Booklet
  • Driver Certificate in Professional Competence Information Leaflet
  • Driver Certificate in Professional Competence Case Studies
  • Application form for a DriverŒæCPCŒæBus Theory Test
  • Consultation äóñ Driver Certificate of Professional Competenc
  • Information Note onŒæCPCŒæfor Professional Bus/Coach Driver
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Frequently Asked Question
  • EU Regulations äóñ 2003/59/ec
  • CPCŒæTraining Centre Application Form
  • Guidelines for completing Training Centre Application Form
  • CPCŒæTraining Centre Guideline

The introduction of DriverξCPCξrequires more rigorous testing and continuous trainingfor professional bus drivers from 10th September 2008 and truck drivers from 10th September 2009. The holder of a full driving licence for a truck or bus beforeξCPCξis introduced will automatically be entitled to a DriverξCPCξthis is called acquired rights.

TheξRSAξissued a Consultation document in August 2007 outlining the requirements of DriverξCPCξand how theξRSAξcould introduce DriverξCPCξin Ireland. The Consultation document made a number of recommendations and invited feedback from the transport industry and the general public on their observations and views on DriverξCPC.