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It will be an offence to drive a bus or truck if you do not hold a valid DriverξCPCξand you will be subject to a fixed penalty if you drive a bus or truck without it. The amount of any fines or penalty points will be determined before the DriverξCPCξcomes into force.

As with all laws in Ireland, the Gardaí_ enforce the regulations with assistance from the Vehicle Standards Inspectorate of theŒæRSA.TheŒæRSAŒæwill issue a DriverŒæCPCŒæcard to each new driver who has successfully completed the examinations, the card will be issued before the student commences periodic training, the card must be kept by the driver at all times.

If you are already a professional bus driver on the 10th September 2008 /professional truck driver on the 10th of September 2009, you will get acquired rights for DriverξCPC. Your licence should have the date of issue before the 10th September 2008 (for bus drivers), or 10th September 2009 (for truck drivers), which will be evidence of your DriverξCPC. YourξCPCξcard will be issued on completion of periodic training.

  • If you cannot show your DriverŒæCPC, you are breaking the law and you could get a fine of up to ä‰å2,000.
  • If you fake documentation you could get a fine of up to ä‰å5,000.
  • If you drive without a valid DriverŒæCPCŒæyou could get a fine of up to ä‰å2,000.

If you or an employer causes or lets another driver who does not have a valid DriverŒæCPCŒædrive a relevant vehicle you / they could get a fine of up to ä‰å5,000.