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Driver CPC means that professional drivers will have better driving skills.

This will lead to less casualties on our roads, and protect more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, children and older people. It will also save employers the costs of vehicle repair and loss of trade.The driversäó» profession will be regulated to make sure that all professional drivers have the skills they need to work in the industry. The introduction of DriverŒæCPCŒæwill create a level playing field for the road haulage and passenger transport industry. Quality standards will improve and they will be monitored and maintained to a high level which matches the best in Europe.There are concerns for all professional drivers about their health, lifestyle, eating habits, symptoms and effects of fatigue and stress and work life balance. Periodic training will help address these issues.The äóìMomenta Reportäó for the Department for Transport in the UK (on the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driver Training Programme Autumn 2005) showed that the right driver training would reduce fuel consumption by an average 9.5%. Even reducing it by 5% would save 169,000 tonnes of oil a year, or about 192 million litres @ ä‰å1.50 a litre. Reduced fuel consumption combined with better use of load transportation will reduce costs. Every tonne saved would save about ä‰å1,750.