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Save up to 20% on your Car Insurance with AXA

All Young Drivers

If you are aged between 17 and 24 and hold a Full Licence or a Learner Permit, you can save 20% off your Car Insurance with the ISM TEST DRIVE. The ISM TEST DRIVE is a 45 minute assessment of your driving skills, and based on the results of your driving during this assessment, you are guaranteed to save a minimum of 5% off your Car Insurance, or 10%, or 15%, or a maximum of 20% off your car insurance with AXA Insurance! And the best bit is that AXA will refund you the booking fee in full (€60) when you enact your policy! To book the ISM TEST DRIVE you do not have to be an AXA customer but you must have Car Insurance in your own name.

For further information about an Insurance quotation from AXA Insurance, contact AXA at 1890 247 365.  For further information or to book your ISM TEST DRIVE, contact ISM at 01 864 1790.