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What percentage of a car can be recycled?

Believe it or not, virtually everything that goes into a new car can be made into something else at the end of the vehicle’s lifetime. Everything from the car’s batteries and oil, to the tyres and the foam in the seats can be ground up, melted and re-used. Manufacturers design vehicles with a ‘lifecycle’ in mind, which means that some parts of an unwanted car can be taken out and reused, and others can be recycled.

Indeed, depending on the vehicle’s type, age and condition, between 80-95% can be put back to use or recycled in some way.

The proportion of a vehicle that can be reused is only going to increase as greater emphasis on the environment is leading vehicle manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles are sustainable – both in terms of minimising waste and in ensuring that poisonous substances, such as heavy metals, do not contribute to environmental pollution.

When a vehicle is produced, manufacturers design into the car, truck or bus, the characteristics which will make it easier to recycle. Materials are chosen for their recyclability, and they are designed and fitted in such a way as to make the vehicles easy to dismantle at the end of their service life.

If you would like to know more, then watch these videos, which highlight the various ways in which cars and their components are put to good use.

READ MORE FROM SOURCE: Future Mobility Now

This video shows how BMW conducts analyses of dismantling, making vehicles easier to recycle and reuse.



Car batteries can be broken up and their components reused: they contain a variety of heavy metals and acids, which require careful handling. Since car batteries are full of hazardous chemicals, clean disposal is key to lowering vehicular environmental impact.


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