Check out this unbelievable video courtesy of The Telegraph.


Traffic policeman Second Lieutenant Nguyen Manh Phan ordered bus driver Phung Hong Phuong to pull over his 39-seat passenger coach on Monday after he allegedly refused to show his paperwork, a local police officer said.When Mr Phung refused and tried to drive off, the officer leapt onto the front of the bus and clung to its windscreen wipers.Video shot by one of the 2nd Lt Nguyen's colleagues show him struggling to maintain his footing on the bus, which was travelling at 30mph.He can be heard shouting: "Call the police!" as he dangled precariously from the vehicle.The driver, who was released in 2010…

Believe it or not, virtually everything that goes into a new car can be made into something else at the end of the vehicle’s lifetime. Everything from the car’s batteries and oil, to the tyres and the foam in the seats can be ground up, melted and re-used. Manufacturers design vehicles with a ‘lifecycle’ in mind, which means that some parts of an unwanted car can be taken out and reused, and others can be recycled.

Indeed, depending on the vehicle’s type, age and condition, between 80-95% can be put back to use or recycled in some way.

The proportion of a vehicle that can be reused is only going to increase as greater emphasis on the environment is leading vehicle manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles are sustainable – both in terms of minimising waste…

Since 2005, over 100 people have been killed or seriously injured as a result of collisions on Ireland’s motorway network. Of these, eight people died and 14 were seriously injured in 2010, which is the worst year since 2007 when 26 people were killed or seriously injured. Worryingly 6 people have died in motorway collisions to date in 2011*. These figures were revealed today Monday 11th April 2011 at the launch of a new awareness campaign to highlight safety on Motorways by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), An Garda Síochána, National Roads Authority and the Automobile Association, at the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin. Central to the campaign is a new 40 second TV advert, which has been produced by…

Forklifts are seriously misunderstood, as I have come to find out in recent weeks… and someone could be forgiven for having the wrong idea. I mean, whether it’s a Reach Truck, Counter-Balance Forklift or Power Pallet, but to name some of the types of forklift available, the one thing they all have in common is they do heavy lifting. Many people think of Forklifts as the work-horse which keeps warehouses and industry supplied and operating, but these machines are capable of so much more than just brute force. However, in the right operator’s hands forklifts can perform amazing feats of skill and accuracy, more often associated with a highly trained dancer - with proper forklift training and used correctly, a forklift has the power and grace to put Rudolf Nureyev to shame, with its power,…

Welcome to the brand NEW ISM: Irish School Of Motoring Blog. Over the coming, days, weeks and months we hope to bring you lots of interesting posts/articles, news, quizzes and videos. The Blog will address a range of topics: Driver safety, tips on learning to drive and passing the test. We will also be doing car reviews and looking at all other types of vehicles too, while also trying to bring you the hotest and latest motoring news from motorshows around the world. There will be fun stuff too, including videos and quizzes! If you have any ideas on how we can make our blog better please feel free to email us - we want to hear from you: info(AT)ism(DOT)ie We do hope you will check back with us regularly or even add us to your RSS Feed if you like what we are doing! Editor - Patrick…
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