It may seem like very obvious advice and yet probably, by far the most common bad habit that all forklift drivers develop is reversing without looking at what, or who is behind them. It sounds strange because you would never reverse your car without checking behind you, but for some reason forklift drivers don't look behind.
If your operators have to move drums with a forklift truck then here is some safety information you might want to consider. In order to safely carry drums with a forklift truck there are two main options....
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Forklifts are seriously misunderstood, as I have come to find out in recent weeks… and someone could be forgiven for having the wrong idea. I mean, whether it’s a Reach Truck, Counter-Balance Forklift or Power Pallet, but to name some of the types of forklift available, the one thing they all have in common is they do heavy lifting. Many people think of Forklifts as the work-horse which keeps warehouses and industry supplied and operating, but these machines are capable of so much more than just brute force. However, in the right operator’s hands forklifts can perform amazing feats of skill and accuracy, more often associated with a highly trained dancer - with proper forklift training and used correctly, a forklift has the power and grace to put Rudolf Nureyev to shame, with its power,…

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