CHOOSING new tyres for your car should become a lot more straightforward from November thanks to a new EU labelling system.

All dealers will have to display a sticker which rates a tyre under three key headings: fuel efficiency (rolling resistance), safe braking (wet grip) and exterior noise levels. It will either be on the tyre or beside it.

The labels, which must go on display in showrooms from November 1, will be similar to those now-familiar stickers which show energy ratings for electronic goods like fridges and cookers.

Under the wet-grip heading, performance will be graded from A to G, although initially D and G will not be used.

According to leading German manufacturer Continental, the stopping distance between a class-A tyre and a class-F version can be as much as 18 metres.

The first rule of Eco-driving is the regular maintenance and tuning of your car.

A significant amount of the energy required for propelling a car forward is used in overcoming the ‘rolling resistance’ of the tires. The resistance that occurs when a tyre moves forward is due mostly to the deformation of the object (the flattening effect at the bottom of the tyre where it has contact with the road). The recommended tyre pressure for your car will have been exactly calculated to take this into account and ensure the least ‘rolling resistance’ and therefore greatest fuel efficiency. Tyre pressure should be checked at least once a month and at the start of a journey, as the heating up of the tires will alter the pressure. “25% too low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance…

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