Today let’s talk about Trucks and Cyclists in urban areas. This is often a topic drawing opinions from just about everybody, both positive and negative. Let’s take a closer look
ISM Fuel Safe are delighted to announce that we recently signed a new eco driving contract with Tarrant International in Cork.
Tips and things to take into consideration when buying a second hand car.
Professionally trained drivers can reduce fuel consumption by an average 9.5%. Driver CPC Control of Vehicle and Eco Driving techniques module provides all of the information required for drivers to deliver these much needed savings.

Believe it or not, virtually everything that goes into a new car can be made into something else at the end of the vehicle’s lifetime. Everything from the car’s batteries and oil, to the tyres and the foam in the seats can be ground up, melted and re-used. Manufacturers design vehicles with a ‘lifecycle’ in mind, which means that some parts of an unwanted car can be taken out and reused, and others can be recycled.

Indeed, depending on the vehicle’s type, age and condition, between 80-95% can be put back to use or recycled in some way.

The proportion of a vehicle that can be reused is only going to increase as greater emphasis on the environment is leading vehicle manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles are sustainable – both in terms of minimising waste…

The winner of a new online 'eco' challenge from Fiat will enjoy a special weekend for two in Turin, Italy. The 'eco:Drive Virtual Challenge' runs until April 27 2012 and is accessible via the 'Our Future Mobility Now' website. In addition to being a fun game, the Challenge is also an incentive to encourage eco-friendly and responsible driving, culminating in a dedicated Webinar on April 27 during which the winner will be announced. Webinar participants will also be able to interact in real time with some of Fiat's experts who will be online from 14:30 (GMT) to explain the research…

CHOOSING new tyres for your car should become a lot more straightforward from November thanks to a new EU labelling system.

All dealers will have to display a sticker which rates a tyre under three key headings: fuel efficiency (rolling resistance), safe braking (wet grip) and exterior noise levels. It will either be on the tyre or beside it.

The labels, which must go on display in showrooms from November 1, will be similar to those now-familiar stickers which show energy ratings for electronic goods like fridges and cookers.

Under the wet-grip heading, performance will be graded from A to G, although initially D and G will not be used.

According to leading German manufacturer Continental, the stopping distance between a class-A tyre and a class-F version can be as much as 18 metres.

The first rule of Eco-driving is the regular maintenance and tuning of your car.

A significant amount of the energy required for propelling a car forward is used in overcoming the ‘rolling resistance’ of the tires. The resistance that occurs when a tyre moves forward is due mostly to the deformation of the object (the flattening effect at the bottom of the tyre where it has contact with the road). The recommended tyre pressure for your car will have been exactly calculated to take this into account and ensure the least ‘rolling resistance’ and therefore greatest fuel efficiency. Tyre pressure should be checked at least once a month and at the start of a journey, as the heating up of the tires will alter the pressure. “25% too low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance…

This awesome Cosworth Subaru Impreza STI CS400 is in every sense the Lion’s roar!

Legendary tuning firm Cosworth has gotten its hands on the Impreza STI and heavily overhauled its engine to produce a scintillating 395bhp at 5,750rpm. That means the car can get from 0–100km/h in a supercar-beating 3.7 seconds, which is a massive 1.5 seconds faster than the standard STI.

But how the hell has Cosworth managed to squeeze this sort of pace out of a 2.5-litre, flat-four engine? As you may already have guessed, the answer is lots of boost and some trick bits. Starting with the internals, Cosworth has changed the STI’s pistons, rods, bearings, head gasket and oil…
Mary Cummins and her her 30-year-old Fiesta entered the record books this week, when she "scrapped" her aging car in Favour of a new 2010 model. Mary says they have had the car so long that it has become like an extra member of their family. They affectionately called it the "Red Ferrari" and the car achieved something approaching celebrity status on the roads around Kilmessan in the last few years. The standard equipment on Mary and Pat's new Fiesta (1.25 litre petrol) such as ABS, electric mirrors and windows, air bags, remote locking etc. are items that could very well have featured on the 1980s hit TV show, 'Tomorrow's World', when their original Fiesta first hit the road. Speaking at the handover of a new 2010 Ford Fiesta to Mary,…
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