Today let’s talk about Trucks and Cyclists in urban areas. This is often a topic drawing opinions from just about everybody, both positive and negative. Let’s take a closer look
Accidents can’t always be avoided. Even if your teenager is a safe driver who makes good choices on the road, there are many other variables at work. Distractions, bad weather, and poor road conditions can all play a part in causing collisions. Auto accidents can threaten your child’s safety and can also lead to higher insurance premiums. However, if you teach your student driver how to prevent car accidents by being a defensive driver, the possibility of an accident — and higher premiums — can be greatly reduced.
Tips for First time drivers when going out on the road. Here are some tips which all should be practiced when driving no matter if you are a first time driver or an experienced driver.
There are concerns for professional drivers with regard to lifestyle related health disorders. Poor nutritional and eating habits, fatigue and work related stress reduce the quality of life of the driver. The Driver CPC Periodic training module Health & Safety of the Professional Driver addresses...

A CREDIT CARD-style driving licence with a microchip holding information about the driver is to be introduced next year.

The cards will hold the driver’s photo, name, address, date of birth and licence type, and details of the issuing authority. It will also carry a record of any penalty points or endorsements on the driver’s record. This will allow gardaí at a checkpoint to examine a driver’s record. Currently, if a garda stops a motorist they cannot tell from examining the licence if the driver is disqualified.

The cards will have a number of security features to reduce fraud and counterfeiting. They will also hold information on restrictions such as whether drivers are required to wear glasses or use a hearing aid, or whether they are subject to curfews or a restricted…

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