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Forklift Safety Tip - Carrying Drums With A Forklift Truck

Carrying Drums With A Forklift Truck

If your operators have to move drums with a forklift truck then here is some safety information you might want to consider. In order to safely carry drums with a forklift truck there are two main options:

1: Stack the drums onto a pallet.
2: Use some sort of drum attachment on the forklift.

Forklift Training Safety Tip Drum LifterFar too many operators will either use the bare fork arms to lift 44 gallon drums or put some sort of chain or sling over the forks illegally and attempt the lift. Do not do attempt to move drums this way.

Usually they put the forks together just enough to catch the lip of the drum and attempt to lift it from the truck, or will throw a chain or sling over the forks.

Small 20 litre drums should be stacked onto a pallet and shrink wrapped for transport. Large 44 gallon drums must be either lifted on a pallet or with the use of a proper drum type attachment. There are various drum attachments that can be purchased for your forklifts. From simple quick fitting ones, to rotating and tipping types that can be permanently mounted to the forklift.

Either way, only approved lifting equipment can be used.

IMPORTANT: If the drums contain Hazardous Chemicals the forklift operator must hold the relevant ADR Certification from Chemical Awareness Training.

For infomation on this or any other aspect of Forklift Training please contact Eric on (01) 864 1790 or email: info@ism.ie


  • driving school Pershore

    That’s an advantage if we used forklift truck to carry drums.  The tips help us to have an idea on how to use it and it’s advantages. Great post !

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