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Texting While Driving

Excellent inforgraphic below from AIG explaining the dangers of using a mobile phone in your car. 

Worryingly, a series of recent studies have shown that about 60% of people, particularly teens, text while driving. 5 seconds is far too long to take ones eyes off the road. 

You can view the full article on the AIG website here

"We know how impossible it can be to put your phone down. We've got texts to answer, things to Facebook, Tweets to send...However, texting and driving a car can often be more OMG than LOL. It can be a dangerous and deadly combination, but for some reason, we keep on doing it.

A series of studies and articles online show that up to 60% of people, particularly…

CBG and ISM have teamed up in what seems to be a natural partnership.
Motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians are tragic, avoidable events. Attitudes of drivers towards pedestrians and equally vice-versa need to change to help reduce and hopefully stop the carnage. Human error is always going to exist but it is possible to significantly reduce collisions between pedestrians and drivers.
If you haven't already got around to it, now would be a good time to consider preparing your vehicle for harsher weather conditions. Checking your tyres, oil levels, battery and wiper blades is important at this time of the year, as we gear up for winter.
With the change in light and driving conditions deteriorating in general, we always find it good to remind ourselves of the extra tips and tricks of the trade we need to apply to ensure we all get to drive in a smooth safe manner and generally enjoy the whole driving process.
The ‘Leading Lights in Road Safety’ Awards were introduced in 2008 to celebrate the outstanding efforts of people across Ireland to make roads safer for everyone. The awards provide a special opportunity for members of the public to honour the contribution of exceptional people who promote road safety in their communities.
Couple of headlines we noticed over the last few weeks that do not bode well for driving in general on rish roads, depite an improvement over the last few years.
Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can have a major effect on our mood. Some people find driving to be quite a stressful experience, particularly when faced with the often frustrating and inconsiderate driving behaviour of others.

Japanese Cars Most Reliable

A survey of cars based on reliability finds that Japanese Cars are the most reliable option. 7 of the top 10 brands, in terms of reliability, hailed from The Land of The Rising Sun.
Congratulations to John Smiddy and Ger Coffey who passed their tests thanks to instructor Kieran McMacken from Cork Test Centre. Well done from all the staff at Irish School of Motoring
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