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Accident records show that, statistically, motorways are the safest roads. Motorway accidents often involve several fast-moving vehicles and consequently result in more serious injuries and damage than accidents on other roads.
Today let’s talk about Trucks and Cyclists in urban areas. This is often a topic drawing opinions from just about everybody, both positive and negative. Let’s take a closer look
At ISM Drive Safe, we have seen a lot of useful telematics devices, but this ladies and gentlemen, is the game changer. We strongly recommend you check out the official website here and join the Game.

Child Safety in Cars

There's a lot more to child safety in cars than you might think. Are you doing enough to ensure your child is as safe and well protected as possible? This excellent infographic breaks down the history and best practices of child safety in cars.

The Anatomy of a Dashboard

It is vitally important, as a motorist, to understand all the buttons, dials and gauges that face you every time you sit behind the wheel. But how well do you really know the anatomy of your dashboard?

Regular Maintenance Check Tips

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe. Knowing what to do in terms of maintaining your vehicle is often half the battle.
Do you know someone who’s learning to drive? If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas, then ISM Driving Lesson Vouchers are perfect for you. Driving lessons are something that every learner driver needs to avail of in order to pass their test, so you can rest assured ISM Driving Lesson Vouchers will be an appreciated present.

The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

It only takes a second to send a text. The temptation, therefore, to neglect the road for a split second and focus on your phone is strong. However, the consequences of doing so can be fatal.

Accidents - 10 Point Checklist

Have you got a plan in place for when you have a motor accident? Hopefully this is the type of plan that you never have to put into action, but accidents are extremely unpredictable and therefore will occur when you least expect them. Some important steps such as immediately turning off the vehicle are vital in the unfortunate event of an accident. The shock you may be experiencing however can easily cloud your judgement. This is where having an accident plan in place can be of great benefit.
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