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ISM Services for Non-Profits and MIDAS Group have formed a strategic partnership to provide bespoke training, coaching and consultancy for non-profits, social enterprises and charities. “Bespoke means that we will work with an organisation to create the course that best suits their training need. The bonus is that in-house training can be less expensive than scheduled courses and is more relevant. This unique partnership enables us to develop innovative, engaging, creative, informative and ‘user friendly’ style training to ensure sustained learning and ensure that it maps to organisation’s needs.”, says Mari Brunnock, Director of MIDAS Group with over twenty years of training and coaching experience.

MIDAS Group is a QQI accredited centre, a Pearson accredited centre, a Sage, ECDL and MOS accredited centre and an emotional coaching accredited centre. They believe in investing the best tutors with years of experience in their subject fields. The strategic partnership with ISM Services for Non-Profits offers access to over fifty compliance training packages, people management and productivity courses.

“Our strength as a training service provider is the ability to acknowledge that by forming strategic alliances with expert trainers, we can offer quality, bespoke quantity and affordability. Mari Brunnock and her team in MIDAS Group also share the same values and ethos. Together we have a wider knowledge base and the most up to date industry know-how.”, ISM Services for Non-Profits Development Manager Tina Walsh says and encourages registered charities to get in touch with or phoning 01 864 1790 by availing of a free training gap analysis carried out by MIDAS Group.

ISM’s role as the leading driver education and recruitment organisation in Ireland comes with a duty and responsibility.

“We are a multidimensional organisation and have four key business sections of driving school, driving school franchise for approved instructors, recruitment section focusing on healthcare, finance and logistics and professional training services for individuals and organisations. We have a comprehensive approach for a learner on their path to upskilling and gaining employment. ISM Training and Recruitment work in tandem”, Walsh says.