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The best advice for Driving Test candidates is to ensure you get the necessary number of pretest lessons with one of ISM’s pretest specialists.

9 Tips to Passing your Driving Test!

Q. What’s the best way to prepare for my Driving Test?

A. To maximise your chances of passing your test first time, ISM recommends that you take a pre-test course. It is a ‘dry run’ of exactly what you will face in your real driving test. It can help to ease nerves, and focus attention on your weaknesses. The best way to prepare is practice, practice, practice! Try the ISM Mock Theory Test as many times as you like and source the best training aids on the market.

Q. What exactly is the examiner looking for on a Driving Test?

A. A safe journey! The tester is looking to see that you know how to operate your vehicle, the rules of the road, how to respond to traffic, road signs and different junction layouts. The tester will also look for your ability to anticipate the actions of other motorists and your reaction to them.

Q. How can I stay calm after I’ve made a mistake on my Driving Test?

A. You don’t have to be perfect to pass. If you make a mistake, keep it behind you and concentrate on what’s happening ahead.

Q. How many mistakes are allowed on a Driving Test?

A. Try to make as few mistakes as you can. One or more serious faults will result in failure of the driving test, as will nine or more in the less serious category. Up to fifteen minor faults are permissible. Any more will result in failure of your driving test.

Q. Will I fail my Driving Test if I do my three-point turn in more than three turns?

A. Not necessarily. The number of turns depends on the length of your car and the width of the road.

Q. Before passing parked cars on my Driving Test, must I always signal?

A. No, it’s not always necessary to signal. You should always signal, however, when you break the white line in the middle of the road.

Q. Will I fail my Driving Test if I hesitate too much?

A. It is possible to do so. If you are extremely hesitant, your tester may think that you are unsure of how to proceed. You need to show that you are confident behind the wheel and that you are certain of the appropriate steps to be taken in any situation.

Q. Will I have to reverse my car into a parking bay on my Driving Test?

A. If there’s a car park at your Driving Test Centre, there’s a firm possibility that the examiner will ask you to do this exercise either at the beginning or the end of the test.

Q. What happens if I fail?

A. If sadly, you fail, you’ll be given a printed explanation of all aspects of driving shown on the Driving Test report. The examiner will also spend a few moments explaining why you failed. This will help you overcome any weaknesses that have been identified during the test.

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