Driving Test Advice

The driving test is designed to establish whether you know the Rules of the Road, and have the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with the rules.

The test also checks to see if you can drive with due regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.

In order to pass the driving test you should:

  • Study carefully the Rules of the Road booklet.
  • Seek the assistance of an ISM driving instructor.
  • Get the best Training Aids available
  • Practise as much driving as possible on all types of road.
  • Practise driving in different situations, including driving at night.
  • Only practise on test routes when your test date is imminent.

With the waiting times being 30-40 weeks you should book your test well in advance but only book it when you and your instructor think you are ready. If you take the test without building up some driving experience you will probably fail.

  • Your preparation is vital as you need to show your examiner that you have done the work and are comfortable in the car when taking the test. Understanding your car, its reactions and ability to read the reactions of other drivers will help.
  • All cars feel different when you sit behind the wheel, so avoid changing cars just before your test. Do a couple of mock tests with your instructor. Book your driving instructor to take you on a mock test immediately before the real one. This will set the tone and prepare you for the real thing, making you more confident and familiar with the flow of traffic within the area.
  • Prior to your test date try to practise and strengthen your weak points. If reversing around a corner is something you dread, then practice this routine until it becomes one of your strongest skills. Again, if you don't put in the practice you are preparing to fail. If some part of driving turns into something you hate or dread (i.e. the hill start) you should tackle this by seeing it as a challenge.
  • Before your test you should ensure your car is good mechanical order.

If any of the above are not working properly or are not in order then see to it well in advance of your test. If you place additional stress on yourself because one of the above are not in order it will not help.

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